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Yes, you heard it right.

Udemy is great place to learn anything online. now we have complete Oracle ADF course published by ADF expert on udemy. take this course to start your carrer as ADF developer. if you are beginner and want to quickly learn oracle ADF then this is the best course to quickly get into development.

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About this course
Complete guide to get started with Oracle Application Development Framework 12C


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What you’ll learn
  • You’ll be able to develop Oracle ADF Applications
  • Understanding of ADF faces, jsff, taskflows, View, Model, Application module

  • learn working with view Objects, View links, view criteria

  • Using javascript and CSS style in ADF application
  • Installing and configuring Oracle Jdeveloper
  • Deploying your first ADF application on weblogic server
  • Troubleshooting issues on weblogic server
  • Able to learn all the ADF concepts and get Job ready


  • Java
  • Web Technologies- HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Windows or Mac system with at least 8 GB of RAM
Description- complete Oracle ADF course

This is the first ever complete course available on Udemy to get started with Oracle ADF 12C. Course will give you complete in depth knowledge of Oracle ADF. Step by step instructions from installing necessary tools to development, deployment and troubleshooting on server. I have edited all the videos to keep them shorter and more informative, Removed unnecessary server starting wait time so that students don’t have to wait and can focus on only useful information and that will save learning time.

All the ADF concepts will be demonstrated with use-cases. Student can also download demonstrated project and practice on own machine to learn with every lecture.

Who is the target audience?
  • Java developer who is willing to start learning Oracle ADF

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